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And she said: “Let there be gifts”

3 May

Since I am no longer knitting my super awesome (not!) Mothers Day gift sweater for my mama, I bought her gift online today.  CHECK.  Now, I just have to finish her wool cabled purse that I started last May (via plane en route to Atlantis in the Bahamas) and it is still a WIP  ugh.  I just HATE this bag.  I don’t like the wool with a rattan wrapped handle and I don’t like that she wants this for the summer.  It’s just all wrong.  Anyway, I just have to sew the handle on and finish up the lining on the top of the bag.  (You can see my cable mistake in my braid.  Stupid me.  But I’m not undoing it all.  My mom will appreciate it.  Besides, I made this a year ago)Image

I also just purchased my Mother in Law’s gift for Mothers Day today online as well.  CHECK.  

Today seems to be the day when I pay my bills.  I also have a gazillion bills that came in that are close to late or late from when my son was rushed to the hospital for his asthma in March.  Damnit, I thought insurance was supposed to cover those bills.  I probably have close to $1000 in medical bills to pay right now…between my sons hospital visit and my specialist appointments and my sons doctor visits.  Sometimes, we just can afford to get sick.  Stupid money, it just grows on trees right?

I am also applying to two new jobs.  Very exciting time for me right now.  


Day 3: some graph or whatever

25 Apr


I just got back from having a beer and some really awesome “rooster fries” from a local place with my bff.  Now, I have exactly 38 minutes write out todays blogging to do list adventure.  To prepare for such an adventure this evening I am steeping my tea and microwaving my neck wrap for some nice warmth and comfort.  After realizing the neck wrap was actually making me sweat and forgetting about taking out the tea bag (which means my tea will probably  be a wee bit bitter) I am trying to figure out what kind of damn graphic thingy I am going to make.  Such enthusiasm, eh?  I’m not sure why I’m so hesitant about doing todays knitting blogging weeks challenge…  maybe, just maybe,  it’s because I spent a good portion of the afternoon reading all of the really cool and not so great ones on the WP Reader today.  I feel like I don’t want my graph to be stupid and I attempted once today to make a graph on my Microsoft Word but to no avail.  I’ll try again now.  27 minutes! Tick, Tock.

**Just a side blogging note here to my loyal readers…I frogged my Moms Mothers Day sweater yet again!!  I decided, it’s too much pressure to put on myself to cast on again and to have something actually decent ready by mothers day.  Afterall, look at my count down calender…it’s a matter of days people!  I am just going to take it easy with some socks for my cousin, who I did tell would’ve been completed two weeks ago, at least.  I’m still looking for just the right ankle sock, but I think I found one on someone’s blog I came across today.  Very pretty.  Check out the blog, it’s very cool. http://sparklyshoesarefaster.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/sock-a-lorange/

22 minutes.

okay so it’s 11:59 and have yet to upload this pie chart.  Big thanks to my husband for suggesting to do this chart.

<div style=”width:550px;border-top:1px solid #acacac;padding-top:3px;font-family:Arial;font-size:10px;text-align:center;”><a target=”_blank” href=”http://infogr.am/1366861352&#8243; style=”color:#acacac;text-decoration:none;”>How knitting controls my emotions</a> | <a style=”color:#acacac;text-decoration:none;” href=”http://infogr.am&#8221; target=”_blank”>Create infographics</a></div>


23 Apr

No, this won’t be a written version of the Beatles song, even though I did sing it to myself when I wrote the title. ha.  I really need help on my newest endeavor, which I fear may have been a bit much for me.

My pattern says:  “…ending with a Right Side facing for the next row and increasing….”

then, it says “Row 1, P2, work row 1 of Double Waves Pattern….”  **NOTE, row 1 of the Double Waves Pattern says it should be the RS, row 2 would be WS, etc.

I did this before for the 4 rows that makes up the cable patterns (took me at least two hours) and  then I realized the pattern should end with a “RS facing for next row” which would not be right, right?

The row that I am look at is what I think is the RS row. The stitches are all on my left needle and the working yarn is at the first stitch, ready to start knitting.  If I increase on this row, then the next row will be a WS row and that DOESNT match the pattern, thats why I am confused here.

Is this explained properly? ugh.  If not, here is two pictures of the pattern notes.



Knitting blog week day 1 4KCBWDAY1

22 Apr


“The House of Manatee: Manatees are gentle, calm and cuddly. Relaxed and unflashy they represent the comfort and soft side of knitting and crochet.”


Yes, this is me in a nut shell. I love to knit and live in relaxed unflashy items.  I love “boyfriend” style tops/sweaters…this includes knitting them too.  My very first sweater that I am knitting (well, hope to cast on with in the next month) is a delicious pima cotton (from knit picks) for a top down raglan.  I even made the decision to add length to the sleeves and body of the sweater.  The sweater is all stockinette, so it I imagine it will be pretty easy.  

I am knitting (well attempting to knit) a sleeveless cable wrap top for my mother as a gift for Mother’s Day.  According to my blog count down calendar (scroll down and on the right side), I now only have 20 day left to complete this.  I had to get the pattern book, Twelve months of knitting, from the library again today because (in true Heather fashion) I made a copy of this pattern about a year ago but I made it CROOKED!  I must have looked at it and thought, well I’ll never really get around to knitting this, so who cares if you can’t read a part of the pattern…  Seriously.  So I was at a dead end after my 1 1/2 inches of seed stitch.  Now hoewever, I have run into yet a different snag…I marked the “Right Side” (RS) incorrecty and so now, after spending TWO HOURS on four rows of a very detailed cabled pattern, I have to rip it all out and start again.  Freaking genius I am…SMH!


Here is a picture of me FINALLY figuring out how to add 14 stitches “evenly” through this seed stitch. I love the multiple uses of these little plastic clips.  It is the only way that I found I correctly counted my increases (hey, I’m a visual kind of person LOL).



and this is me getting sooo fed up with the extra yarn from the long tail cast on (which I am keeping for the side seaming)



Yes, I paperclipped it after it kept getting tangled and then tangled some more.  I think I may have started something here folks.  hahaha

Okay, I am going to start frogging my beautiful work (sniff sniff).  Look for a new post tomorrow.  Follow my blog if you’re just totally diggin’ me.  -Heather

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