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My poor Tivo…and knitting

12 Apr

My knitting has come to a stop.  I am highly unmotivated, yes…still…  I casted on, three times (160 stitches) for the bottom 2×2 ribbed band of my mothers day sweater for my mom.  I finished the two inches as called for and just when I started on my second all knit row, I remembered I was supposed to change the needle size to an 8.  “Wait, an 8?” (I say to myself…yes, actually out loud, with no one around) Darnnnn itttt!  Oppsy, I was supposed to do the ribbing in a US5 and the stockinette in an 8!  So I frogged the whole thing, AGAIN!    So after walking away from my knitting for the next hour and doing the dishes, I casted on for the fourth time.  I have yet to actually count the stitches I have casted on, that’s how fed up I am about this project.  I do not even have the motivation to make my beautiful gray pima cotton sweater.  I should do it soon because it was up to 85 degrees here in NJ the other day (just a heat wave, its back down today to normal spring temps again).


And with that heat wave comes, of course, a massive storm.  During the storm last night, lightning struck my neighbors house and blew off his chimney, sending those little red rectangular bricks flying!  The crack of lightning was so loud, my hubby and I woke up, sat straight up and I couldn’t stop shaking for about 4 or 5 minutes from the adrenaline rush my body had just experienced. WOW.  The crack and thunder that happened at that moment, that shook our house, turned on one of my sons toys in the living room and sent a storm surge to my dvd player, TIVO and my internet wifi box (whatever thats called, router maybe?).  So after getting my cable router replaced, we have the internet now, but no TV.  I am already really sad that my TIVO won’t be able to DVR my shows (goodbye People’s Court, Judy Judy and my prime time favs).  I am actually considering cancelling the TV service I have (it’s like, 20 channels [I hate cable]) and just letting my son use my Netflix subscription to watch his shows online.  At least I wont be needed to skip the commercials anymore and I can knit more without distractions.  WIN-WIN?Image



8 Apr

What got me in the mood to finally write a bit you ask? Florence and the Machines just started on my Pandora station. Yay! I consider this a great accomplishment considering I’ve been suffering from a massive sinus infection/worst headache I’ve had in a year. I have the desire to knit, just not the motivation to pick u the needles and cast on (or finish for that matter, bc I had five rows left of my last baby sweater sleeve and one of my DPNs broke!!! )

I knitted up a gauge in the Caron yarn I had for a pretty sweater tank my mom said she would like. I thought if I can start this soon, I can have it done for her Mother’s Day gift. Well, the pattern calls for DK weight, and I thought if u just used smaller needles It would work, but it didn’t. I knitted the swatch with 6’s then switched and knitted with 5’s then to 4’s and I kept getting 18 stitches. Damnit. So I thought it I tried it again with the 6’s but by itself and tried gauging in the round it. Work. Nope. -what am I doing wrong? Ugh. I guess I will have to leave my Caron yarn in the closet and break down and buy more. Now, I’m not sure I can get it done by Mother’s Day. Oh well.

I can cast on for my beautiful, airy Pima cotton sweater or I can cast on my cousins socks since I finally received the wool last week. Is super wash merino wool too hot to wear in the spring? I looked again today for a good pattern and wasn’t really thrilled about them. I guess I’ll have to look through Jen’s book (my BFF)…she has a great book of toe up socks. I think the book is called something like, toe up socks 2. I like it because you can mix and match the patterns for the toes, body, heel and ankle.

Thanks to some comments lately, I will be posting pics off my (small but lovable) vintage Pyrex collection soon on my blog.

Oh and that picture is me and my son, Johnny at Smithville on Sunday afternoon. check out the website and see how cute it is!!




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