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FO!! Holy moly!

10 Sep

Okay I hope you are ready for a good one here folks. I hope you’re sitting down for this… I completely finished two baby sweaters (that were really done in feb or march)!!. My coworker, who is letting me sell my “Hknits” knitted items under her vendor company at my office at the hospital, asked to see some of work via pics and I said I could bring in the purple striped baby sweater for her to see and feel. ::I’m really jazzed here at this point – insert big re-donk-ulous smile here::

So. I sewed on buttons in both, after a trip to Walmart at 9pm because I realized after I sewed one purple button on with white thread that it just wouldn’t work out after all. Ha!! So, after shopping like a poor college student, buying on one spool of thread, 2 ramen noodles and three packets of salmon, I finished the buttons. I was also able to weave in the ends on both sweaters and sewed in my “iow to wash label” on the nice purple striped sweater. (Pics below including my work table at the time ::sigh::)

Before all if this finishing that was going on, I had to go through every months photo album that was on my lap top so I could take my iPad in to work tomorrow to show Karen my previous work in knitting. (Pic below)

And after that, i had to FIND those two bay sweaters (omg lol). So I cleaned out my knitting bag aka, catch-all-things-that-have-to-do-with-knitting bag. (See pic for the hot mess).

Quick cliff notes: I decided to take my yarn I really won’t be using again and donate it to the ladies at the hospital who would want to knit or Crochet the babies hats and such. So that’s the pic with the bags of yarn. Also, I added to the purple striped sweater a little CARE KIT (I know, I know) with extra yarn that was used on in the sweater and two extra purple buttons and nearly tucked it in a little Baggie. I hope to add those little touches to my knitted Garments for sale at the office. I have also included a pic of the photo stream album I created of my knitted work over the last two years (some things I can’t find pics of unfortunately). I also wet blocked the two sweaters to get a better shape in them. :). I’m so good tonight.

Take care











Rain, rain go away…

12 Apr

Where is the beautiful weather and sunshine?  Here in NJ, it’s been stormy with a whole lot of left over rain (read yesterdays post for some exciting lightning information).  My mother actually called me and asked me why I have been home for so long and wanted to make sure everything was alright.  Apparently, I am always on the go and so when my mom stalks me using the “find friends” app, she gets worried easily.  LOL  silly mommy.

I bought new US4 DPNs today to finish that stupid self striping baby sweater.  I had all of SIX rows left on the sleeve when my stupid clover bamboo needle broke.  (this is where I am still cursing out loud at this situation).  Maybe, just maybe, this is why I have felt so blah about knitting the last week.  I realize that when I have run out of wool or had to stop a project previously before it was finished, for whatever reason, I lose my momentum to continue on.

The last week has been great for our family, with all of the sunshine and beautiful weather, we have been cleaning and purging our home and garage.  I have officially gone through every container of baby clothes (there were seven, very large rubbermaid totes) and donated about four or five trash bags of clothes to goodwill and sold quite a few on an onilne yardsale site on FB and the two big overstuffed bins I have left of clothes, I will be dividing up and giving them to my two girlfriends (pending the gender reveal for one).  We’ve taken quite a few good walks to the library, sometimes, twice a day (my son rides his scooter and we walk behind him) and even gone out for a nice quick walk before bed, up and down our street.  I must say, that night walk was the first time I can really remember holding my hubbys hand in a few weeks probably.


What are you doing to enjoy the weather in your area of the world??

And going…and going…and going…

16 Jan

So while my interview for Adidas came closer, and more prep time was needed, I naturally stepped away and sat down and knit!  Knitting keeps my mind clear and more focused, even if only for one row.  I consider knitting to be mental therapy.  My bestie, Jen and I met at Cascianos, our local cafe downtown and knitted and drank good tea for an hour and a half.  We then, reluctantly, stopped knitting and headed over to our 5k Run for Fun meeting….only to find out it wasn’t that night!  I PERSONALLY changed the date for our President to next week… UGH (as I bow my head and slump a litte furtherdown in my chair).  ONLY ME.  *Note to self, update your calendar in your iphone*  Jen and I figured that since we were there anyway, we might as well have a beer, some salad and KNIT.  Enter my favorite Caesar salad, Yuenling bottle and rooster fries (thick cut fries with some melted cheese and drizzled with soy sauce minus the hot sauce and chives).  O.  M.  G.  Jen also helped me set up a new Facebook account for my knitting group in town called Hammonton Knits.  Cute right?  I thought so.  It was all Jen’s idea since my brain doesn’t work well when I have to be creative.  All in all, it was an excellent, productive night… thanks Jen Lee!  


Well onto my baby sweater.  It is coming along pretty well.  I picked up the stitches around the front panels to add the shawl collar.  The sweater is gray and the collar will by navy blue.  The navy blue for this wool is so dark it is almost black.  Well hey, as Jen stated, black and gray look good together too.  LOL.  The shawl collar is done in K2P2 ribbing and you can really start to see it come along now. another day or two and the collar will be done and then I would like to adding the same ribbing to the bottom of the sweater (especially because the baby will be coming from two particularily tall parents, and hey, an extra inch or two will help).




Tonight is our very first Hammonton Knits meeting from 7-9.  I got a lot of responses and at least 3 or 4 people are coming to learn how to knit.  I am OVER THE MOON about more knitters in Hammonton.  When I open my knitting shops in a few months (I am still in early, early planning stages), it’s comforting to know that not only are more knitters now in Hammonton, BUT I taught them how to knit.  I am hoping I can achieve a feeling of accomplishment and that they get the same feeling as well.  Now, off to Walmart to buy needles and cotton for these ladies at the meeting!  

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